Samantha Patrick Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecologist

I study individual differences in personality, mating strategies and foraging behaviour in birds


- NEW POST DOC! Join us on our NSF-NERC grant working on ecological and evolutionary drivers of personality and plasticity in foraging behaviour in wandering albatrosses

-  Check out my recent article in the Conversation looking at using albatrosses as patrollers of the ocean

-  Farewell to Steph Harris and Tommy Clay who have moved on to exciting new post docs in the USA

- Welcome to Lucia Martin-Lopez who will be working on our HFSP grant for the next year

Recent Papers

- Patrick et al. 2020 Co-ordination in parental effort decreases with age in a long-lived seabird. Oikos

- Hamalainen et al 2020 Environmental effects of the covariation among pace-of-life traits. Ethology

- Weimerskirch et al. 2020 Ocean sentinel albatrosses locate illegal vessels and provide the first estimate of the extent of nondeclared fishing. PNAS

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